Secrets Will Make Your Melbourne Property Valuation Look Amazing

calculated its you okay nowise it OK yeah it’s tree but he trusts he is really trust peas tree go down it’s yeah okay we’re going to have . multiplied by the total of the earnings which is work – class and you’re going to get of. wait so you’re going to get it is not . so the new price of the gone pole sequitur it ion is it was to the new p x earnings per share of the post acquisition.

which is equals to Property Valuation Melbourne the earnings per share of the polls acquisition is going to be at phone at this particular they thought begot day yeah as is earnings appreciate you you only special sorry I’m highlighting so many underthings make sure you know an example simply highlight everything was going to. so we’re going to have your is it was to . multiply by . is going to give you . now instead of third PEP . night instead of for now what’s the acquisition premium now what’s the acquisition premium so the PE will note there so one of the pony work of any trust shares which is two times party of the question yeah remember party of the question so this is going to be so you’re going to get and giving you an answer off much that.

For tick away . it is going to give you a . in the gamecock- to it . maybe this mixture is Right the . is gain or to any trust shares so what is the game per share to sorry . yeah it’s going to be . share now so what can i say here is that the percentage game share this time roundish . into what’s your surprise southernmost for hope you sell movies with hunger ball is going to give you around the team still more than mean limey of ten percent but is less than what the current market premium office which is around twenty to thirty percent twenty to thirty percent so you shouldn’t be happy you should be happy in this case but in this.

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